Piros B. Hegedűs painter

“I think everything in life is art
– What you do – The way you love

Piros B. Hegedűs painter

About me…

I am a true world citizen whose 15 years of living in Belgium and the Netherlands and participation in art education in the Netherlands have been crucial in my adventurous life. In recent years, the coast of Southern France also has become part of ‘home’.

It will be a great challenge for an artist to pursue the impossible – what should be the most exciting thing they have not tried yet – that will be the chosen path. I think a good artist will forever remain a playful child, full with experimentation, trial-and-error to create that innovation.

I can feel all the vibrations of the world

But I consciously look for harmony, balance, elegance in colours, compositions and contents with a female eye. I only build a picture from what I can identify with. My art not only seeks to reflect reality, but also tries to shape it into a delightful garden where it is pleasant to walk in and where anyone can find a familiar path oneself.

I will be happy if you like the world of my paintings.
If you want to see your own memories, objects and features of your loved ones in artistic form, ask me what is possible

March 2022

National Association of
Interior Designers